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Raising Tadpoles through Adulthood
must be raised on agarose coated dishes. Otherwise, embryos without a ...
Harland Lab Xenopus tropicalis web site, University of California, Berkeley. 109k cache
GFP Science 263:802. 1994
mounted on agar (or agarose) pads as described (16), often with 10 mM ...
http://www.bio.davidson.edu/ courses/ Molbio/ restricted/ 02GFPwow/ GF... 25k cache
Pristionchus pacificus genetic protocols
and leave the agarose pad in an 80&#-80;C drying oven for one hour. D ...
http://www.wormbook.org/ chapters/ www_ppageneticprotocols/ ppagenetic... 57k cache
Methods in cell biology
pads, or cut up the pad and place individual eggs in separate wells o ...
http://www.wormbook.org/ chapters/ www_intromethodscellbiology/ introm... 418k cache

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