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Drug Metabolism
Flavin Monoxygenase (FMO) Alcohol Dehydrogenase Xanthine Oxidase Mono ...
http://science.kennesaw.edu/ ~jpowers/ metabolism1.ppt 2.6Mb
Renewables Presentation
Buiting (m.buiting@fmo.nl) Low impact hydro, run of river or with sma ...
http://cdm.unfccc.int/ DNA/ DNAForum/ 03/ presa/ FMO_3rdDNA.ppt 7.4Mb
HPWREN and International Collaborations
CICESE, Mexico QM-MD, FMO: quantum-mechanics, AIST, Japan iGAP: genom ...
http://www.geongrid.org/ workshops/ beijing2006/ slides/ Cindy_Zheng_P... 6.2Mb
Design and optimization of multicolor panels
(FMO) controls Biological controls Unstimulated samples Healthy donor ...
http://maeckerlab.typepad.com/ maeckerlab_weblog/ files/ 4multicolor_p... 643k
with a growth of about 5.3%. Per capita income = US $ 250 Population ...
http://www.un.org/ esa/ ffd/ msc/ ndb/ paris/ NDB-Kibirige.ppt 2.0Mb

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