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Taenia solium
6. Infective mode of cysticercosis: endogenous, exogenous auto-infect ...
http://www.pathobio.sdu.edu.cn/ sdjsc/ theory_eng_ppt/ Taenia%20solium... 1.0Mb
Wildlife Diseases
Taenia pisiformis Cysticercosis In rabbits, appears as conspicuous sp ...
http://academic.keystone.edu/ JSkinner/ Wildlife%20Diseases/ Wildlife%... 2.3Mb
Interesting Spine Cases
in spinal &#-111;cysts&#-110;: A. Cysticercosis B. Exophytic syrinxes ...
http://www.ajnrblog.org/ wp-content/ uploads/ Interesting-Spine-Cases-... 394k
Serodiagnosis of Parasitic Diseases
gnathostomiasis CNS Cysticercosis IgG-ELISA Serum Sens 78%, Spec 95% ...
http://www.med.cmu.ac.th/ dept/ parasite/ Lecture%20Note/ serodiag.ppt 840k
hydatid cysts cysticercosis Schistosoma liver flukes lung flukes Prot ...
http://web2.aabu.edu.jo/ tool/ course_file/ lec_notes/ 404414_INTESTIN... 639k

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