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Preclinical Safety Assessment of Aptamer Therapeutics
Safety Assessment of Aptamer Therapeutics ...
http://www.massbio.org/ writable/ committees/ presentations/ mbc_21feb... 7.6Mb
PPT - Folie 1
(gene silencing), aptamers (alternatives to antibodies) PNA peptide n ...
http://www.imb-jena.de/ www_bioc/ 3D/ 3D_LECTURE_2005_2.ppt 6.6Mb
Cell Surface Targeting: The week of waiting
Outline Thrombin aptamer/thrombin beads A20 experiment Magnetic beads ...
http://openwetware.org/ images/ d/ d4/ 8-14-06_presentation_cell_surfa... 7.5Mb
molecules bind to aptamer/box region causing a conformational switch ...
http://www.cs.bgu.ac.il/ ~sebastia/ RiboSearch.ppt 731k
download - Dias nummer 1
ribozymes, siRNA, aptamers, sFvs, small peptides. 4. Proviral integra ...
http://www.retrovirology.com/ content/ download/ figures/ 1742-4690-2-... 0.0k
RNA Switches Genetic Research Tools
- now known as aptamers- that, like antibodies, can latch on tightly ...
http://www.bibalex.gov.eg/ SuperCourse/ SupercoursePPT/ 29011-30001/ 2... 663k

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