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New Science but Old Policies
Human Tragedies: Minamata, Japan Chemical Plant Dumps Mercury into Ba ...
http://www.womenshealthandenvironment.org/ downloads/ CharlotteBrodyha... 8.2Mb
Financing Sustainable Development
ratification of the Minamata Convention wins global award More Contex ...
http://asia-pacific.undp.org/ content/ rbap/ en/ home.html/ practices/... 53k cache
Damage to vision Minamata disease Dysfunctions of the central nervous ...
http://www.eng.utoledo.edu/ ~akumar/ IAQ/ TEXT/ HEAVYMETALS.PPT 1.2Mb
Metal Compounds - Metal Compounds
To Methlymercury Minamata Japan Iraq Seychelle Islands INDIVIDUAL MET ...
http://web.calstatela.edu/ faculty/ mchen/ 432/ Metal%20Compounds.ppt 101k
Water Pollution
Mother and Son Minamata Bay, Japan Metals: Mercury poisoning from coa ...
http://faculty.evansville.edu/ mc42/ Sp2004es103/ ES103%20CH21%20Water... 3.5Mb

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