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Facial alopecia, scaling and erosions in a Jack Russell terrier
http://www.rvc.ac.uk/ review/ Dermatology_Cases3/ ringworm_jrt_Mar94.P... 487k
Things That Make You Itch
Overview Scabies Lice Ringworm Scabies An intensely pruritic (itchy) ...
http://www.altaregional.org/ resources/ clinical/ scabies.ppt 324k
Trichophyton verrucosum
fungus causing ringworm in cattle. Infections in humans result from d ...
http://www.mycology.adelaide.edu.au/ downloads/ Powerpnt/ Dermatophyto... 4.7Mb
Occupational Health and Animal Use
spp.) Mycoses (ringworm) Rabies Injury: animal bites or scratches Ani ...
http://www.ouhsc.edu/ IACUC/ documents/ documents/ GARYWHITEWorkshop99... 169k
Defense against disease!
Causes Ringworm&#-123;. Ringworm is caused by several different fungu ...
http://southwest.mpls.k12.mn.us/ sites/ ad26dc17-c8bc-4970-8795-bae991... 1.0Mb
Lecture 4
separate kingdom with about 50,000 species. Fungi cause many plant di ...
http://www.nuim.ie/ staff/ dpringle/ mg/ mg04.ppt 947k

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