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growth, contain Mycoplasma and Ureplasma two genera); Acholeplasmatac ...
http://basic.shsmu.edu.cn/ jpkc/ micro2/ 2006ppt/ 18.ppt 2.3Mb
(35-50% of cases) Ureaplasma urealyticum (10-30% of cases) Mycoplasma ... lin5612/ teacher/ yu/ Mycoplasma%2C%20Chlamydia%2... 6.8Mb
throat] 1968 U = ureaplasma; M = Mycoplasma Koch&#-110;s postulates T ...
http://www.itg.be/ ITG/ GeneralSite/ Activities/ Downloads/ soa_update... 2.0Mb
lactobacillus species in the vagina are replaced by high concentratio ...
http://www.cchseast.org/ Portals/ 33/ Residency/ Vulvovaginitis2.ppt 89k
BioInformatics - What and Why?
cerevisiae Mycoplasma genitalium Haemophilus influenzae Promises of g ...
http://segundoencuentro.reuna.cl/ docs/ whatis_bioinformatics.ppt 436k

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