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Rods, Rotations, Gels
&#-106; Brownian Motion Langevin Oscillator Dynamics Diffusion with n ...
http://www.physics.upenn.edu/ ~tom/ talks/ Rods_rotations_gels.ppt 3.7Mb
More Refined Continuum Methods
Solvation Models Langevin Dipole Model The Langevin Dipole Model Clic ...
http://www.cobalt.chem.ucalgary.ca/ ziegler/ Chem699.08/ Kumar2.ppt 201k
Chaos, ergodicity and multifractal singularities
academic example: a Langevin equation forced by a Levy noise dL, inst ...
http://www.ima.umn.edu/ talks/ workshops/ 10-29-11-2.2001/ schertzer/ ... 5.4Mb
Introduction to Biocomputing
Monte Carlo and Langevin (stochastic, Brownian) dynamics, but also co ...
http://www.biochem.oulu.fi/ Biocomputing/ juffer/ Teaching/ Biocomputi... 5.5k cache
Implicit Solvation Models
results; using Langevin dynamics with a damping constant Coupling bet ...
http://cmb.ornl.gov/ teaching/ ut-courses/ spring-2008/ bcmb-420-560-6... 4.0Mb

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