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Optical Microscopy
Microscopy Widefield Microscopy - Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC, Phase ...
http://www.cornellsurgery.org/ pdf/ bme07_zipfel.ppt 5.5Mb
Plant microscopy
Techniques in Microscopy 5/10/05 Enhance me Enhance me Enhance me Enh ...
http://astro.temple.edu/ ~jbs/ courses/ 333/ Adam%20Heinz.ppt 2.5Mb
Light Microscopy
field curvature Light Microscopy Special Techniques Darkfield (hollow ...
http://www.optics.rochester.edu/ workgroups/ cml/ LM.ppt 364k
Microscope Light Microscopy In a light microscope visible light passe ...
http://faculty.mdc.edu/ sbutler/ MCB%202013/ microscopy.ppt 676k
Microscopy and Immunoassays
Transmission Light Microscopy Bright Field Dark Field Phase Contrast ...
http://courses.washington.edu/ envh452/ Lecture_Notes_2008/ Microscopy... 5.7Mb
Introduction to Confocal Microscopy
Phase Contrast Microscopy-cumulative shift of phase over light path D ...
http://www.lifesci.sussex.ac.uk/ scam/ lecture_notes/ Intro%20optical%... 7.1Mb

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