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Primates Order Primates Opposable thumb Binocular vision Fingernails u ...
http://www.occc.edu/ biologylabs/ Documents/ zoology/ Primates.ppt 2.1Mb
Acquired characteristics
Acquired characteristics ...
http://facstaff.uwa.edu/ jmccall/ Evolutionary%20Biology/ Human%20Evol... 2.7Mb
Primate Studies 2
selected for modern primate characteristics. Enhanced visual acuity, ...
http://www.iupui.edu/ ~mstd/ a103/ Primate%20Studies%202.ppt 2.9Mb
PPT - Theories of personality
Contact comfort In primates, the innate pleasure derived from close p ...
http://de.lbcc.edu/ e-courses/ webenhanced/ syllawebs/ psych/ ferguson... 937k
46 Lectures PPT - video slide
Humans and other primates have menstrual cycles; other mammals have e ...
http://teachersites.schoolworld.com/ webpages/ meyerj/ files/ 46_Lectu... 5.4Mb
II: The Tetrapods Primates Invertebrate Chordates and the Origin of V ...
http://faculty.trinityprep.org/ bluged/ apbiology/ apbioppt/ 34-Verteb... 1.0Mb
Strategies of Life

http://www.drregister.com/ resources/ sciprof/ ppts/ strat_life.ppt 247k

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