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Nanomedicine or The Rise of the Cyborg
or The Rise of the Cyborg ...
http://www.csa.mtu.edu/ courses/ presentations/ schafer.ppt 716k
Cyborgs in art and life: fictional cyborgs
and life: fictional cyborgs ...
http://comminfo.rutgers.edu/ ~dalbello/ g+t/ ITI340f2002w5-2.ppt 114k
What is Transhumanism?
Ph.D. Author Citizen Cyborg Executive ...
http://www.transhumanism.org/ resources/ H%2Bintro20051006.ppt 1.8Mb
(Trans)humanism & Biopolitics
Ph.D. Author Citizen Cyborg ...
http://www.transhumanism.org/ resources/ biopolitics.ppt 6.1Mb
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Outlook *
Computing Cyborg neuron and silicon connections Chemical-computing in ...
http://benchoi.info/ Bens/ Teaching/ Development/ Hardware/ PowerPoint... 98k
Oryx and Crake
1. Military Plans Cyborg Sharks 2. U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Tel ...
http://aam.govst.edu/ projects/ cmietlicki/ images/ powerpoint/ Oryx%2... 328k
Salt Fish Girl
slums and underworld. Cyborg Identity: Cloned, disassembled and re-as ...
http://www.eng.fju.edu.tw/ canada/ class/ saltfish_g_1.ppt 898k

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