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new knowledge? Applications Slide Title Body Text Second Level Third ...
http://www.cercs.gatech.edu/ intel-multi-core05/ material/ 04%20Pradee... 3.4Mb
Applications Health Sciences
and virtual reality visualization of brain blood flow Researchers exa ...
http://www.bibalex.org/ supercourse/ supercoursePPT/ 9011-10001/ 9991.... 1.3Mb
Health Sciences Overview
is the next killer application Medical science will not be possible w ...
http://faculty.ksu.edu.sa/ hisham/ Nanotechnology/ Documents/ Presenta... 0.0k
Data and Knowledge Grids
Computer Science R&D Applications-driven research Development of robu ...
http://pbi.ecoinformatics.org/ sine_workshop_slides/ cbaru.ppt 781k
Educating the Net Generation
Utilize real-world applications Emphasize information literacy in cou ...
https://net.educause.edu/ section_params/ conf/ esem052/ OneDayv2-HO.p... 877k

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