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Multiple Model Dosage Design
Transplants, Cancer, Antibiotics, Cardiovascular, etc. What is the BE ...
http://www.lapk.org/ workshop/ Dec2006/ 1115-Multiple_Model_Dosage_Des... 569k
is a synthetic antibiotic belonging to a new class of antimicrobials ...
http://dr-suzan.com/ ihab/ wp-content/ uploads/ 2010/ 10/ Antibiotics.... 1.0Mb
Developmental Pharmacology
used. Pediatric drug dosage regimens should take into account the age ...
http://clinicalcenter.nih.gov/ researchers/ training/ principles/ ppt/... 667k
TB Drug Development
organization Based in New York City, Brussels and Cape Town Entrepren ...
http://www.siutaconsulting.com/ TB%20Drug%20Development%20%28MRC%29.pp... 833k
Falciparum Malaria by Dr Sarma
Riamet) 6 dose regimen of Lumether AL Dosage Schedule Low Resistance ...
http://www.drsarma.in/ files/ medicine/ Malaria/ Falciparum%20Malaria%... 2.8Mb
Created by - PowerPoint Presentation
The balance of dosages can be altered to enhance the efficacy of the ...
http://biomed.brown.edu/ Courses/ BI108/ BI108_2004_Groups/ Group04/ T... 1.0Mb
FDA Advisory Committee April 26, 2001
MD Need for New Antibiotics in Respiratory Tract Infections Driven by ...
http://www.fda.gov/ ohrms/ dockets/ AC/ 01/ slides/ 3746s_09_aventis.p... 1.7Mb

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