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Neurotoxins in Snake Venom
multiple types of venom. Cobras have both a short and long neurotoxin ...
http://astarte.csustan.edu/ ~tom/ bioinfo/ groupwork/ cobra/ cobra-ven... 991k
Snake Bites
most common focus of snake venom but often the compounds responsible ...
http://w3.palmer.edu/ ansari/ toxicology/ Sample%20ppt%20and%20paper/ ... 912k
Snake Bite ,Bee sting and Scorpian Bite
of four standard snakes Cobra (naja naja) Krait (B.caerulus) Russel&#-110; ...
http://isakanyakumari.com/ docs/ Snake%20Bite%20%2CBee%20sting%20and%2... 2.9Mb
Medicinal properties of Venom Components
are isolated from snake venom These peptides vary in size from 5000-1 ...
http://www.chem.wisc.edu/ areas/ organic/ studsemin/ mayer/ mayer-sem.... 9.3Mb
And Metalloprotease Snake venom Membrane anchored ECM remodeling Cell ...
http://www.ap.gatech.edu/ Burkholder/ 6211/ images/ Proteolysis.ppt 2.9Mb
Health Effects of Environmental Agents
Alkaloids Snake venom Ciguatoxin Combustion Products Gases Hydrocarbo ...
http://www.unc.edu/ courses/ 2007fall/ envr/ 430/ 001/ EnvAg12007.ppt 1.9Mb

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