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Atomic Structure
atom is 4 x 10-22 g. Atomic Mass Unit One AMU = 1.66054 x 10-24 g. Pr ...
http://www.brickerdigital.com/ images/ Atomic_Structure.ppt 684k
Proteomics and mass spectrometry
Wolfe definitions The amu is defined as 1/12th the mass of one neutra ...
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/ ~pittMB3/ Lectures/ Mani_LectureNotes.ppt 4.2Mb
number. We said . . . Mass number = protons + neutrons various atoms ...
http://www.lschs.org/ uploaded/ faculty/ rieffelk/ Atoms.ppt 867k
Data Analysis in mass spectrometry
mass of carbon-12 atom 1 u or 1 Da Unit of mass-to-charge 1 Da / z = ...
http://bioinformatics.ai.sri.com/ ptools10/ slides/ Wednesday/ SRI-Bio... 3.4Mb
Law of Conservation of Mass
times the number of atoms or ions of each element in the compound Fin ...
http://alpha.chem.umb.edu/ chemistry/ bpschemII/ HuieDay1Stoich.ppt 2.6Mb
Early Atomic Theory
Atom The Nuclear Atom n p Electron region Nucleus Arrangement of Suba ...
http://www.columbia.edu/ itc/ chemistry/ chem-s0001/ powerpoint/ Sessi... 1.1Mb
Chapter 2 Atoms and Elements
particles, target atoms = gold foil a particles have a mass of 4 amu ...
http://www.imperial.edu/ admin/ Media/ File_Upload/ 62-Files/ Chapter0... 7.2Mb
Chapter 3: Stoichiometry
3: Stoichiometry Atomic Masses Naturally occurring chlorine has the f ...
http://www.bigyipper.com/ chemistry/ apchemistry/ powerpoint/ Chapter%... 60k

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