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Phylum Arthropoda
Class Crustacea: Crabs, lobsters, sowbugs Crayfish Two main body sect ...
http://bugnardo.files.wordpress.com/ 2008/ 04/ orders-anthropods-stude... 8.2Mb
Reino animal
todos a la clase Crustacea e incluyen a animales tan comunes como los ...
http://www.undl.edu.mx/ datos/ BIOLOGIA%20MTRO.GALVEZ/ 3ER.PARCIAL%20B... 1.9Mb
Classification of Organisms
a beautiful mermaid? Crustacea Merostomata Class Arthropoda Arthropod ...
http://mbcsci004sn.wikispaces.com/ file/ view/ ClassificationWeb.ppt 8.9Mb
Field Studies: Mangrove
ARTHROPODA CLASS: CRUSTACEA Order: Isopoda Ligia oceanica (Sea Slater ...
http://www.newman.edu.hk/ ecampus/ wk/ bioweb/ ALBio/ AlCh17/ mangrove... 2.9Mb
An introduction to the diversity of animal life
crabs. Phylum Crustacea Mouthparts are mandibles, 2 pairs antennae. C ...
http://hhh.gavilan.edu/ rmorales/ documents/ CPB732_LECIntrotoanimalDi... 2.3Mb
Ch12 Fungi Algae ProtoA
mites, and ticks. Crustacea (4 antennae): Crabs, crayfish. Most are a ...
http://www.lamission.edu/ lifesciences/ lecturenote/ mic20/ Ch12FungiA... 6.7Mb

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