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Lecture 08, molluscs 2 - No Slide Title
- Chitons Class Gastropoda - Snails + slugs Class Bivalvia - Clams, m ...
http://instructional1.calstatela.edu/ pkrug/ Bio%20457/ Lecture%2008%2... 7.2Mb
Kingdom Animalia
of Phylum Mollusca Class Gastropoda Snails, slugs, abalones Torsion H ...
http://pages.uindy.edu/ ~sdavis/ b155/ lectures/ 24invertsb.ppt 8.5Mb
The Animal Kingdom
Most have a shell Class Gastropoda (the gastropods-snails, slugs) Nam ...
http://www.jtps.org/ HighSchool/ lisasweb3/ images/ Animal%20Kingdom%2... 5.8Mb
Phylum Mollusca
bipectinate gills Class Gastropoda Three evolutionary innovations occ ...
http://faculty.evansville.edu/ de3/ b10802/ PPoint/ Mollusca/ 8-Mollus... 5.0Mb
Animal Systematics
chitons Class Gastropoda snails and slugs Class Bilvalvia clams, oyst ...
http://www.indiana.edu/ ~nimsmsf/ P416/ Powerpoint/ Animal_Syst_Netsca... 6.8Mb
Invertebrate Unit (Ch. 26, 27, 28, 29)
primitive mollusks) Class Gastropoda (mollusks with shells; EX snails ...
http://scienceintheheights.weebly.com/ uploads/ 9/ 4/ 0/ 0/ 940023/ un... 2.7Mb
Kingdom Animalia pp - Kingdom Animalia
Groups of Mollusks Class: Gastropoda (stomach foot) snails and slugs ...
http://mysite.cherokee.k12.ga.us/ personal/ laura_kudlak/ site/ Subjec... 593k
Marine Life
thick, leathery skin. Class Gastropoda: snails. Some have shells, som ...
http://www1.broward.edu/ ~arodrigu/ oceanography/ ocean/ lectures/ Cha... 4.3Mb

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