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Cell viability studies
to voltage by photodetectors Photodiode Photomultiplier tube Size of ...
http://dddas.ices.utexas.edu/ presentations/ Cell%20viability%20studie... 320k
Turbidimetria e nefelometria
of turbidity. A photodetector mesures the reduction in the intensity ...
http://www.andreamosca.it/ mgr_articoli/ UploadAllegati/ 06_Immunoturb... 684k
Single Spin Detection
(multilayers, photodetectors) Laser technology, low temperatures DEEP ...
http://www.ua.es/ personal/ jfrossier/ POWERPOINT/ Single%20Spin%20Det... 2.3Mb
JRA3 Institute of Physics ASCR Prague
of signals from photodetectors (PM, APD, &#-123;) 9 pieces of APDs, H ...
http://www-hep2.fzu.cz/ calice/ files/ EUDET_Munich.cvach1006.ppt 2.0Mb

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